Carl Sandburg & DCS


Bernadette Schmitt

Teacher: Bernadette Schmitt                     Birthday: 1/31


*Favorite author or type of book or magazine

I love young adult fantasy novels!


*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither



*Favorite hot drink

London Fog with almond milk



Reading, going to UW football games, dog parks, hanging out with friends and family


*Places you like to shop

Amazon, Purpose, World Market


*Favorite restaurants

Deru Market, Purple Cafe


*Favorite color



*Favorite scent



*Favorite ways to relax

Read, travel, massages and getting a mani/pedi


*Favorite treat and/or snack

Olives, Cheese and Fruit


*Additional likes, dislikes, allergies, information


Classroom Wish List

1. Big Poster Markers


2. Duck Tape