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Book Rodeo

About the Book Rodeo event

During the months of January through early March (check the website calendar for specific dates), students will be turning in books and earning book bucks (coupons) which they can use during 1st recess to exchange for a new book. By new book we mean a book which someone else turned in. Its a great way for them to explore new topics, challenge themselves with newer books or try out that series theyve been interested in.

Please remember to bundle the books along with a filled in Donation Form so that your child can be awarded book bucks! If you dont have the form, it can be found on the PTSA website or in the least, include your childs name, grade and teacher on a slip of paper with the books.

When/Where does it take place?

Books are sorted by age (picture books, chapter books, non-fiction, etc) and during the first recess those that have earned book bucks can come and select their books. Students who earned Book Bucks will have them delivered to their classroom that morning and then can come and look through the books for their age group. After the recesses remaining books will be sold during lunch recess the Book Rodeo turns into a Book Sale. During the lunch recesses any student can come and purchase books for 25 cents OR use any remaining book bucks that they didnt during 1st recess.

What type of books can (and cannot) be donated

Books should be age and content appropriate and in gently used condition. Picture books, step into reading, character books, and non-fiction are popular with our younger grades. Chapter books for grades 1-6 are greatly appreciated as they are often the hardest to part with!

Some general guidelines for books we cannot accept are:

* Picture books with no words

* Pop-up books, lift the flap books, etc.

* Board Books (hard cardboard pages generally meant for infants/toddlers)

* Books with religious themes/holidays

* Books with covers missing, pages torn out, coloring or writing on the pages, pages taped in, etc.

* Workbooks that are completely filled out

All of the above cannot be used in the book rodeo for a variety of reasons.

How many books can my child bring in?

Students can bring in as many books as they wish, however they can only earn a total of 5 book bucks. The chart for awarding Book Bucks is as follows:

1-4 books = 1 book buck

5-8 books = 2 book bucks

9-12 books = 3 book bucks

13-16 books = 4 book bucks

17 + books = 5 books bucks (max)

My child reads at a much higher level, do they have to stay in their age group for books?

Yes, they do need to stay in their age group. We have many students at Sandburg that are reading at a higher level than their actual grade, which is absolutely fantastic!

We have a limited number of books for higher grade levels available and we need to ensure that the older grades have a broad selection to choose from. Therefore, we ask that the students chose books from their grade level.

Do you use all the books I bring in?

Sometimes we have books that we know, over years of running the Book Rodeo, that do not get selected due to content or character or we have an abundance of that type of book (think Dr. Seuss). For those we will take the books to Half Price Books and exchange them for cash which we then use to supplement areas where we are lacking, generally chapter books. On average we usually take about 25% of the books to Half Price Books for a variety of reasons, but all books help us towards our goal of keeping the kids reading.

Can I come to the book sale?

YES!!! The Book Sale is during lunch recess, so feel free to stop by (just check in at the office first). Books will be on sale for 25 cents each. You can come during your kiddos lunch recess and help them pick out books!

Do you need help?

Please, we can always use help the day of, during the Book Rodeo adn Book Sale. Questions about this program or to volunteer, please email, Emily Vinding Nyden, PTSA Book Rodeo Chair, at or the PTSA VP of services at