Carl Sandburg & DCS


Box Tops

Calling all box tops! Collecting box tops is a quick and easy way to earn funds for Sandburg & DCS. The classroom with the most box tops turned in will win an ice cream party at the end of the school year. Watch the bulletin board in the cafeteria fill up with ice cream scoops. 
No need to tape your box tops to a sheet! Just plop them in a baggie and send them to school with your kiddo. Label the bag with the classroom name to get credit. Also, make sure the box tops you are sending in haven't expired. 
The box tops program is transitioning to a an online app scanning system. Soon you won't have any box tops to cut out. You'll just scan your receipt. You can even "give credit" to your children's classroom through the app. How quick and easy is that!? 
Find out more about the new program:
Boxtop questions can be sent to: Jessica Booth @ ( OR the new ptsa email address.