Carl Sandburg & DCS


Bryan Melerski


What are a Few of Your Favorite Things?


Teacher:  Bryan Melerski                                                       Birthday: August 21

*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither

Either. Soy, almond or coconut milk

*Favorite hot drink/drink



Cooking and traveling

*Places you like to shop

Banana Republic, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target

*Favorite restaurant(s)

Rocco's (pizza - Seattle), any Ethan Stowell restaurant (Seattle)

*Favorite color


*Favorite scent

*Favorite way to relax

 *Favorite treat and/or snack


*Allergies? Dislikes? Other helpful information to know?

Classroom Wish List

  1. Ipod/Ipad Mini to use in class, concerts and assemblies

  2. Amazon Wish List: