Carl Sandburg & DCS


Hannah Mahdieh


What are a Few of Your Favorite Things?

Teacher: Hannah Mahdieh                           Birthday: June 13th

*Favorite author or type of book or magazine

Kevin Henkes, Shel Silverstein, Jon Scieszka

*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither


*Favorite hot drink

Carmel Macchiato


running, photography

*Places you like to shop

Target, Nordstrom

*Favorite restaurant

Any Mexican restaurant

*Favorite color


*Favorite scent


*Favorite way to relax

watching a good tv show, massage, pedicure

*Favorite treat and/or snack

sour patch, watermelon, gold fish, trail mix

*Additional likes, dislikes, allergies, information


Classroom Wish List

  1. Books

  2. art materials.

  3. math games

  4. storage organizers