Carl Sandburg & DCS


Katheryn Duarte

Teacher: Duarte                Birthday: July 29th



*Favorite author or type of book or magazine

Light fiction, NY Times best sellers, childrens books for our classroom



*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither


coffee (hazelnut latte) or tea (peppermint, lemon, or similar)


*Favorite hot drink

Coffee, hot chocolate. I mostly drink water.



Reading, scrapbooking, shopping, journaling, etc.


*Places you like to shop

Target, Amazon, Michaels, Nordstrom, Book stores


*Favorite restaurant


Mexican food, thai restaurants, red robin-type places.


*Favorite color




*Favorite scent

Citrus smells


*Favorite way to relax

Taking a bath (bath bombs), getting a pedicure or massage, reading, candles


*Favorite treat and/or snack


Lindt extra creamy chocolate, anything candy really


*Additional likes, dislikes, allergies, information

I dont like peanuts in my chocolate


Classroom Wish List And/Or Amazon, Donors Choose Pages:



1. is my classroom wish list.



2. Math games (addition and subtraction to 20), phonics games, etc.