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Programs & Activities

Programs and Activities

Multicultural Night

  • The purpose of this event is to bring our community together to celebrate the diversity of cultures in our community and to learn more about each other, reinforcing our goal to be inclusive of all students and families. We would love for our community members to be involved in the creation of this event.
  • This event typically take place in Februray. 
  • Questions or to volunteer, contact the PTSA VP of Family and Community Engagment at:


  • Families are invited to an evening of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We will have activity stations set up for students and their families to experience engineering design challenges, participate in some science, technology and math learning, walk through the halls to view students artworks, and art projects to complete during the event. This new event is taking the place of the Science Expo and Art Walk events. We hope you will join us for some fun and learning!
  • We have lots of opportunities for parents and families to get involved. The STEAM Night committee has been hard at work planning activities for attendees but we will need some help with supervision. All materials and instructions will be provided, volunteers only need to show up and pitch in! Visit our Signup Genius to select a job that appeals to you!
    Please note: This is not a drop off event. All students need to be supervised by an accompanying adult. Food will not be served at this event. We will have a quiet corner/calm area designated where kids can go if they are feeling overstimulated and headphones available in case its too loud. For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, please contact Dagny Cook,
  • For questions or to volunteer, contact the VP of Enrightment at

Book Fair


  • Does your child love to paint or draw? Write stories, poems or essays? Take photos? Make films or compose music? Dance? If so, this will be his or her time to shine! The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition.
    Each year, the competition has a particular theme, with original work accepted in six art areas: Visual Arts Photography, Literature, Music Composition, Dance Choreography, and Film Production. The entries are reviewed by local professionals. Outstanding work may be sent to the PTA council, state, and national competitions. 
  • More information can be found at:
    Submissions are usually due early in the school year. Keep an eye on the home page of this website for a calendar date or article, follow our Facebook page, and/or sign up for The Informer so you don't miss it!
  • Questions:

Walk to School Day

  • International Walk-to-School Day is a global event that involves communities from more than 40 countries walking and biking to school on the same day. It began in 1997 as a one-day event. Over time, this event has become part of a movement for year-round safe routes to school and a celebration with record breaking participation each October. Today, thousands of schools across America from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico participate every October.
  • Our event takes place from 9:00am to 9:20am and features:
    Kirkland Police and Fire (barring any calls)
    Prizes, Giveaways, Music and Dancing Pedestrian "Bee Safe"
    Coffee for the parents :)
  • Keep informed about upcoming events by signing up for The Informer, following our Facebook page, or checking articles released closer to the date on this website.
  • Questions about this event or to volunteer, please email:

Watch D.O.G.S.

Field Day

  • Field day has a variety of stations which allow students time to move freely from event to event. 
    Field day is held on a Friday in June.
  • This event takes many volunteers to make happen. 
  • Questions or to voluneer contact the PTSA VP of Services at

Staff Appreciation Week

  • Sandburg/DCS teachers and staff are celebrated in October and January during conference week with a lunch spread on the days that students get out at noon. Each grade level is given the opportunity to provide items for the lunch over the two different conference weeks. This days are assigned differently each year. Sign ups for items are provided a couple weeks in advance. The teachers/staff adore having a lunch ready to go for them on those busy conference days!
  • Each year there is a National Teacher Appreciation week in early May. The PTSA provides special treats and items for the teachers/staff of Sandburg/DCS during that week. Room parents and families are also encourage to show their support and appreciation of their classroom teachers during this week as well.
  • Questions about this program or to volunteer, please email: Jessica Booth, PTSA Staff Appreciation Chair at or the PTSA VP of School Services at


  • Show your school spirit!
  • Spiritwear orders are taken every September and include t-shirt, sweatshirt and hat selections in 2-3 color options.
    Order forms will be available at the Back-to-School Social as well as on this website.
  • Questions about Spiritwear, please email:

First Day Coffee

  • Take some time to meet and chat with other parents over coffee & donuts 
    right after the bell rings on the first day of school. Questions about this event or to volunteer, please email:

Bike to School Day

  • National Bike to School Day provides an opportunity for schools across the country to join together to celebrate and to build off of the energy of National Bike Month. 
  • All riders must be accompanied by an adult and observe the School Policy regarding bicycle safety on our school grounds.
    Only 4th/5th grade riders that have completed and turned in the bike contract to the office may ride without an adult.
  • All riders, students and families are also invited to join in a small before-school celebration from 9:05-9:20 am on Bike-to-School Day, sponsored by your Sandburg/DCS PTSA Wellness Team. 
  • SO JOIN IN THE FUN! Remember, if your bike is staying at school, bring a lock, and parents, please plan on returning to school to accompany your student home.
  • Questions or to voluneteer contact the PTSA VP of Family and Commuinty Engagment:

Family Dance Night

  • Enjoy a night of dancing to celebrate our amazing  Dance Marathon fundraising efforts! The entire family is encouraged to attend.  
  • This event takes place in early fall after the fall fundraising event. 
  • Questions about this event or to volunteer, contact the PTSA VP of Family and Community Enagagmenst at

Dance Week

  • Dance Week is part of the schools curricuculm and paid for by the PTSA. 
  • Questions about dance week, contant the PTSA President at

Book Rodeo

Back to School Social

  • Join us after Teacher Meet & Greet for our Back to School Social!
  • Enjoy a FREE sweet treat and get to know your school community.
  • Questions about this event or to volunteer at this event, please email the PTSA VP of Membership at