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Zoey Dwiggins

What are a Few of Your Favorite Things?

Teacher:  Zoey Dwiggins             Birthday: August 8th

*Favorite author or type of book or magazine


--Mystery books!

--Mo Williams for childrens books (:

*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither

--Coffee! Iced coffee

*Favorite hot drink

--Latte (coconut milk)





*Places you like to shop





*Favorite restaurant


--Anything Italian! I am new to the area, so recommendations are needed!

*Favorite color

--Light Blue

--Light pink

*Favorite scent

--Fall candles
--Any seasonal candles!


*Favorite way to relax




*Favorite treat and/or snack

--Dark Chocolate

*Additional likes, dislikes, allergies, information

--I try not to drink regular milk so I always do coconut milk instead but I do not have any allergies. 


Classroom Wish List And/Or Amazon, Donors Choose Pages: 

1. Flair Pens/Sharpie Flip Chart Markers

2. Target rolling cart

3. Iris Containers