Carl Sandburg & DCS


Karla Nelson


What are a Few of Your Favorite Things?

Teacher: Karla Nelson                        Birthday: September 11th

*Favorite author or type of book or magazine

James Patterson, Kristin Hannah, Food mags.

*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither

Starbucks coffee, and Tea

*Favorite hot drink

Mocha, latte, green Arizona tea


Reading, going to movies, taking pictures, travel

*Places you like to shop

Amazon, Alderwood Mall, Nordstrom, Purpose Boutique

*Favorite restaurant

DERU, Anthonys Homeport, Olive Garden,

*Favorite color


*Favorite scent

Gardenia, vanilla, apple

*Favorite way to relax

The beach, vacation, Olympus spa, wine tasting, food massage, spa

*Favorite treat and/or snack

Chocolate, cheese and crackers, fruit, cookies

No Allergies

Classroom Wish List

1. Individual white boards

2. Watercolors

3. Flair Pens