Carl Sandburg & DCS


Nicole Payette


What are a Few of Your Favorite Things?

Teacher: Nicole Payette                                    Birthday: March 21st

*Favorite author or type of book or magazine

Dr. Seuss (kids), childrens books for our classroom

*Do you prefer coffee, tea or neither


*Favorite hot drink

Not big on drinks butHot chocolate and sparkling water or berry Propel



*Places you like to shop

Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Lakeshore learning

*Favorite restaurant

Daniels, Amaro Bistro, Cactus

*Favorite color


*Favorite scent

*Favorite way to relax

 *Favorite treat and/or snack

Ice Cream from Diary Queen/blizzards, chocolate, cookies, (I have a major sweet tooth)

*Additional likes, dislikes, allergies, information

Classroom Wish List. 

  1. projects if I have any current projects.

  2. watercolor paper - Canson Xl brand (blue cover) at Michaels has good deals.

  3. books